Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ultraman Ginga and the collectible toys gimmick

(An observation of some sort)

Toy image probably © Tsuburaya Pro. and Bandai

Even though Ultraman Ginga's premise is very obviously meant to help sell Spark Dolls, I've noticed that the show itself doesn't emphasize any "collect them all" aspect. The Spark Dolls are somewhat similar to the Medals in Kamen Rider OOO, where both the hero and his enemies can use the same items to power up. But in Ginga, none of the characters seem to care about who is getting more items. Nobody tells Hikaru he needs to defeat the enemy to get another Doll, and the vaguely-defined villain faction shows no concern that they're losing Dolls.

Of course, the villains don't look like they'll run out of Dolls anytime soon, and Hikaru doesn't specifically need any of the Spark Dolls besides Ginga. It's still mildly impressive how there's no collecting mentality that drives the characters or story, and that nothing Hikaru gains is treated as a big deal. At least so far. The show is a little less... shameless in its advertising of merchandise than the premise would lead you to believe, and that's kinda cool, even if the show itself isn't all that great. Then again, this doesn't take the "Spark Dolls Theater" segment into consideration.

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