Thursday, March 7, 2013

somewhat quick review: Figma Tsubasa Kazanari

This character uses swords, dresses in blue, has a surname that starts with K and is partnered with somebody whose last name is Tachibana. If you guessed Kamen Rider Blade, you probably didn't see the post title. If you don't know who I'm talking about, Tsubasa Kazanari is a major character from Senki Zesshou Symphogear, an anime by Satelight and Encourage Films. Her figure is Figma #158.

Now, on to the actual review!

(note: color might be a little off in the photos. Tsubasa's hair should be an ever so slightly purplish shade of blue)

Tsubasa Kenzaki Kazanari comes with all these accessories pictured here. It's pretty much all the figure could've come with, except maybe a lightning effect part. Overall, not lacking at all, but not surprisingly amazing either. The black round thing is a decoration for the Figma base, with slits for to stick her small knife in.

Articulation on this figure is underwhelming. The elbows don't bend as far as I'd like them to, and there's no waist joint at all. And one pair of hands, specificaly the pair for holding the huge sword, lacks wrist hinges, for some reason. Which puts the peg under a little stress when in use. Be careful to avoid warping. But besides those issues, pretty much the articulation you'd expect from Figma. So it's not offensively disappointing, at least.

This is still less annoying a figure than Hibiki Tachibana, though. A few pieces sticking out of her costume are thankfully adjustable, so they're less bothersome, and not as distressingly breakable.  Although you should keep in mind this isn't a child's toy.

wait, wrong Hibiki
All in all, if you were already planning on getting this figure, there's nothing I can say to change your mind. Likewise, if you weren't planning to, it's not quite impressive enough for me to recommend to somebody who doesn't like the character or design enough to spend money on this thing. I like her enough, although the way the skintightness of her costume somehow makes her navel pretty noticeable bugs me.
close enough?

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