Monday, March 25, 2013

Toy Haul: Bandai Madokas

I'll probably write up posts like this every time I get a bunch of toys I want to talk about, but don't feel like posting reviews for all of them.

Vox Aura was the first one I unboxed

Ultra-Act Ultraman Tiga Power Type

An alternate form of Ultraman Tiga, aka Daigo Madoka. From pictures I've seen, this is the Ultra-Act of him that looks best, since the golden thingy on the chest is actually aligned properly, and the face is less... off compared to the other releases. The only other Ultra-Act of this character that I have is Sky Type, and I plan to get Multi Type at some point.

The figure itself is alright, except that the balljointed ankles are rather weak, and one of the hip joints is even worse. But those are fixable problems. The selection of effect parts is nice.

Robot Spirits Vox Aura

A rather erm, unique giant robot design from the anime Lagrange: the Flower of Rin-ne and piloted by the main character Madoka Kyouno. This is my first, and currently only Robot Spirits/Damashii figure, so I can't really say all that much regarding the actual quality of the thing. But the high heels (which you can't really see in the pictures) are kinda dumb since they make even standing up a little difficult, and I found posing to be limited and tricky despite the actual number of joints, likely due to the design rather than Robot Spirits engineering. The accessories included are good enough, though, and I'm glad I got it on sale, at least. It still is on sale, actually.

Ultra-Act Ultraman Nexus Junis
Okay, this has nothing to do with anybody with Madoka in their name, but I guess you can consider Ultraman Nexus to be the Ultra Series equivalent of Puella Magi Madoka Magica, in a way, maybe. It's a cool figure, and looks good, but some of the accessories are not satisfying enough for me. This one I'll actually post a review for, unless I suddenly die within the next few days or so.

As for something perhaps much closer to Madoka Magica,  the S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ryuki and Dragredder set is among the Tamashii Nations items scheduled for a reissue in May, although the preorders seem to be already sold out. Hopefully, I'll still be able to get one, when the reissue comes out, somehow.

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